Heat transport of hybrid nanomaterial in an annulus with quadratic Boussinesq approximation

【摘要】:The convective heat transfer of hybrid nanoliquids within a concentric annulus has wide engineering applications such as chemical industries, solar collectors, gas turbines, heat exchangers, nuclear reactors, and electronic component cooling due to their high heat transport rate. Hence, in this study, the characteristics of the heat transport mechanism in an annulus filled with the Ag-MgO/H_2O hybrid nanoliquid under the influence of quadratic thermal radiation and quadratic convection are analyzed. The nonuniform heat source/sink and induced magnetic field mechanisms are used to govern the basic equations concerning the transport of the composite nanoliquid. The dependency of the Nusselt number on the effective parameters(thermal radiation, nonlinear convection,and temperature-dependent heat source/sink parameter) is examined through sensitivity analyses based on the response surface methodology(RSM) and the face-centered central composite design(CCD). The heat transport of the composite nanoliquid for the spacerelated heat source/sink is observed to be higher than that for the temperature-related heat source/sink. The mechanisms of quadratic convection and quadratic thermal radiation are favorable for the momentum of the nanoliquid. The heat transport rate is more sensitive towards quadratic thermal radiation.

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1 Muhammad Adnan Asghar;Jing Zhang;Shiguo Han;Zhihua Sun;Chengmin Ji;Aurang Zeb;Junhua Luo;;Triethylammonium picrate:An above-room-temperature phase transition material to switch quadratic nonlinear optical properties[J];Chinese Chemical Letters;2018年02期
2 LIU Qi;MING Pingjian;ZHAO Haiyang;ZHANG Wenping;;A High Order Control Volume Finite Element Method for Transient Heat Conduction Analysis of Multilayer Functionally Graded Materials with Mixed Grids[J];Journal of Thermal Science;2020年01期
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